Ontario is facing times of changes, and so is your company. With a minimum wage increase, small businesses are meeting challenges trying to figure out how to achieve more sales without affecting your current prices. With today’s fast changing technology, companies are looking to reduce overhead costs and take advantage of the online virtual fad. Companies no longer need to invest in physical locations, or have the hassle of paying rent on costly locations. This in turn not only saves the customers money but also the company.

By changing from a regular physical office to Virtual Office, you immediately cut expenses on:
• Rent
• Utilities
• Internet
• Receptionist or your own time answering calls
• Gasoline and commuting time

Go virtual with My Office Space, and get benefits to suit your company including, an address in the up and coming Vaughan Metropolitan Center, have your own personal phone line, add legitimacy to your company, and reduce the stress of hiring someone to do administrative work.

Choose the eco-friendly choice!

Call today and get the option that suits better for you

905-581-4488 or email info@myofficespace.ca

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